Saturday, January 19, 2008

How Character is Defined:

Self Expression

They say she dances in the moonlight
Dips her fingers in the black sky
And pulls a rainbow of diamonds
Out of the stars

As each sparkled gem quivers in her hands
Her eyes alight with adventure
Burning every color of happiness
In each iris

With every turn of her hip she engages
The wind in a mysterious symphony
As her languid body merges
With the air

How I long to watch her play in the night
Feel the dampened folds of oxygen
Caress the tip of my nose with
Her sweet perfume

With magician’s hands she heals the heart
Summons each fragmented soul
Bestowing halos atop each
Wounded being

Like the room she joyously waltzes in
Her love is a twinkling sea of eternity
Cascading a shiny light which
Chases the dark

As her soft footsteps collide with Evening
She balances gingerly upon a star
Lovingly kissing the top of
The Universe

What makes her skip when everyone’s looking?
What song vibrates within her cells?
How can she keep the tempo strong?
How long will she carry on?

Nevertheless, she dances in the blackened night
Extracts jewels out of crushing stone
Waltzes to a different tune
Smiles at the world

A Tree Without Roots Has Character

There stood a tree outside my window
Whose delicate branches held precious
Blossoms of the finest gold
Fragrant bulbs of sweet nectar hung from each twig
Bearing succulent fruit during Spring
And shedding boughs of Hope in Winter

I watched this tree make changes most of my life
Gathering strength as it provided shade
And blocked the sun from burning skin
Its leaves in Fall would gently sprinkle
The ground in russet shades
Filling the air with the smell of rebirth

And when the frost settled heavily in its bones
I smiled in awe as it stood unmoved or shaken
Defying the freezing winds and laughing
In the face of ice and storms
Although I heard the breaking of branches
Each snap was not as loud as the first

Season after season it changed its shape
Growing taller with each passing day
Filling my life with childish imaginations
And secret adventures and games of play
Until it stood majestic in a coat of green
As though it carried life itself

One day when winds had reached its peak
I found my tree bent mysteriously low
Never having seen it succumb before, I panicked
Wondering if this was the end of Dignity
But just as I rushed to touch the tip of its hair
It sprung back up as though it were merely sleeping

I was surprised to find my tree had no roots
As my eyes traveled the length of its trunk
They stopped to rest at a pool of rich soil—undisturbed
My mouth hung open as I stared in shock
This magnificent tree whose branches used to hold me up
Stood tall only because of sheer Will

So this tree without roots became my lesson in life
When the weather is determined to break my limbs
I have only to remember to stand against the force
And bend when the fierce wind gathers speed
Make changes when the Seasons call for transition
Continue to produce blossoms and the fruit of life

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